Morning Consult | December 14, 2017

In less than 85 days, 800,000 productive Americans will be ripped away from their jobs, taken from their families and removed from the only country they have ever known to be sent to a place they may have never set foot in. This is not America, and it’s why a bipartisan mix of our nation’s leading political and business leaders are all in agreement that now is the time for Congress to pass a long-term DACA fix that protects opportunity and preserves dignity for the approximately 800,000 immigrant youth in our country.

Year Up, a national organization I founded 17 years ago, connects low-income young adults, with skilled jobs in high-growth industries. To date we have worked with more than 17,000 young adults, including 300 DACA recipients, and I understand why there is broad support from the private sector for timely action. I have witnessed firsthand the benefits of the DACA program and its role in providing certainty to young adults who are modernizing our workforce and helping our businesses compete with the rest of the world.

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