An Open Letter in Support of the Expanding Pathways to Employment Act
Dear Year Up partners and supporters,  Earlier this month, transformative, bipartisan economic mobility legislation was introduced by Representatives Mikie Sherrill (NJ-11) and David McKinley (WV-01) in the U.S. House. With America Forward and other partners, Year Up has worked on this evidence-scaling and evidence-building initiative for months leading up to this introduction.  Please consider taking a …
Reflections on Justice and Accountability
Nearly a year after George Floyd was murdered, Derek Chauvin has been found guilty on all three counts. This verdict does not undo George Floyd’s wrongful death, nor does it heal the hearts left broken after his passing. In the words of Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison: "I would not …
To suppress voting is to deny justice.
Voting is not a partisan issue. It’s a constitutional right and a cornerstone of our democracy. To suppress voting is to deny justice.
Celebrating the launch of OneTen: A visionary coalition of employers
I’m inspired and energized by the recent announcement of OneTen, a coalition of visionary employers who have committed to create one million new opportunities for Black people in America over the next ten years. Year Up and Grads of Life were honored to support its creation, and I’m thrilled to …

“For the American economy to prosper, we need to guarantee opportunities for those who have been systematically left out and behind, and it’s up to corporate America to live up to its promises to support racial justice reforms.”
Corporations must stop using degrees as a proxy for ability (2021)

“The time has come for a New Skills Deal, one which meets our obligations to prepare our workforce for 21st-century careers and makes the promise of the American Dream accessible to every citizen.”
A New Skills Deal for America (2019)

“DACA recipients, along with millions of other young adults in this country who are out of school and out of work, represent the best opportunity to modernize our workforce and close various skills gaps across industries.”
Resolving DACA Will Modernize the American Economy (2017)

“There is a critical need to create pathways for young adults to enter the economic mainstream, and Year Up is one of many. In order for America to remain competitive in the 21st century, we need to find a way for all our people, regardless of the circumstances of their birth, to realize their full potential.”
How A 10-Year-Old Boy Gave 13,000 Young Adults The Chance To Get Ahead (2016)

“America is built on the promise of opportunity: work hard, get ahead. But that promise does not hold true for too many young people in this country…we must find ways to bring these young people into the economic mainstream. Doing so is both a moral imperative and an economic necessity.”
How the ‘Opportunity Divide’ Threatens America’s Economic Future (2016)

“Dr. King and other leaders saw economic opportunity and self-sufficiency as an essential element of human freedom and the American promise.”
Closing the Opportunity Divide (2013)

“For the social enterprise movement to realize its potential, organizations will need to invest in the recruitment, development, and growth of their future leaders, just as for-profits do.”
Nonprofits Need to Compete for Top Talent (2013)

“For me, this is a matter of social justice. I believe that young adults deserve opportunity—and that the country needs to better utilize its human capital.”
The Power of Mentoring (2012)